The Advanced Diploma in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is in general the delivery of computing services such as Servers, Storages, Databases, networks, software, etc. over the cloud (internet).

Mostly, users are getting those services everyday but don’t know what is behind the scene. Nothing else except cloud computing. In brief, Cloud Computing is the delivery of shared resources, software or data as a service and on demand.

So, Cloud Computing is a vast domain but networking, virtualization, shared virtual services, and mobile applications are fundamental keywords of cloud computing that can help a layman to have a general view of what all about cloud computing is.  

At graduation, any of our student have the above mentionned skills and can confidently compete at any job market.


Mission,Vision & Core Values



Our vision is to be “The Best Hi-Tech Professional Institute for Quality Education in the Region”.


Our mission is to “Transform a Theoretical Education into a Professional and Practical Based Education that produces graduates who compete easily on the international labor job market”.

Our Motto

Korandebe iruta vuganumve (Work and I see, rather than talk and I hear i.e. Actions speak Louder).

Our students’ motto

Our students’ motto Nyamukamirwanamaboko (Depend on your own hands i.e. Self-reliant).


Bye Bye Joblessness (BBJ) is our philosophy.


Our approach is 3S (Small, Smart, and Strong). We start small but smart and we are able to control any slight disorder to keep things under control. We are more passionate to our trainees/students’ exit.


Our values originate from the strategy of “Dual Award” which helps students to save time & money by studying one program but graduate with multiple highly respected qualifications to say an International Professional Award and an Academic Award.

Core Values: IMPACT

In a nutshell, our core value is to IMPACT through:

1. Innovation: Innovation to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders, sponsors, collaborators and beneficiaries.

2. Mutual Respect: Mutual respect for diversity and culture difference.

3. Passion: Passion reflected in personal determination to make a positive difference.

4. Accountability: Accountability through measurement, reporting and ongoing improvement.

5. Commitment to Excellence: Highest quality standards

6. Teamwork: Teamwork and partnership at every level.